SeaRay 34'

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Gary Tyutin (boatexport)
Registration Date: Oct 22, 2015
Personal Address:
Company Name: Boat Export USA
First Name: Gary
Last Name: Tyutin
About Us: Boat Export USA, boat trader’s professional “All Inclusive” solutions for boat export worldwide!

Boat Export USA is a boat export partner of Boat Shipping USA, Miami, Florida based international boat shipping and boat export company with 23 years of experience in international boat trade. We are in business to assist boat exporters and individual buyers from around the globe to buy a boat in USA and export to anywhere in the world. We display 50,000 + boats, yachts, PWC’s posted for sale by owners in South Florida and nearby U.S. East and West Coast States.
Phone: +1 (786) 908-3715
Country: United States
City: Hollywood
Owner Stock No: 84cb74
Title: SeaRay 34'
Address: Miami, FL
Built: 1974

Boat in excellent conditions. 2 Mercruser 7.4 / 454 excellent conditions, Ray Marine radar 2018 touch screen, cruse control. All service is new. New transmition. Water heater, A/C, Macerator, Micro, water pump, 2 new refrigerators, everything is new and work in perfect conditions.

Bote en excelentes condiciones; 2 motores mercruser 7.4 / 454 nuevos y funsionan perfectamente radar Ray Marine 2018, piloto automatico. Tapiceria nueva, cambas nuevas, fondo recien pintado, ejes con sellos y propelas nuevas. Aire acondicionada, calentador de agua, microhondas, 2 refrigeradores nuevos, todo en excelente condiciones listo para ser disfrutado.

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, we can negotiated the price. Precio negociable.
Additional information: 2018-11-26