Seacoast Yachts of Channel Islands

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Bob Nahm (seacoastoxnard)
Data di Registrazione: 16.02.2017
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Company Name: Seacoast Yachts of Channel Islands
First Name: Bob
Cognome: Nahm
About Us: Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard is a gem on the California coast between Port Hueneme and Ventura. This working harbor features several beach-lined parks and coastline for picnics and surfing, as well as nearby biking and walking paths. While at the Harbor, visit the many shops, dine at one of several restaurants or learn to sail at the Channel Islands Boating Center.
Telefono: +805 (200) 316-1
Paese: United States
City: Oxnard
Address: 3615 S. Victoria Avenue
Reference Number: YACHTS163242
Paese: United States
Città: Oxnard
Indirizzo: 3615 S. Victoria Avenue
Title: Seacoast Yachts of Channel Islands
: slips,yachts,boats