Halvorsen Freya 42

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Rachael Slattery (BunnyM)
Data di Registrazione: 04.06.2019
Email: mzchiefbunny@gmail.com
First Name: Rachael
Cognome: Slattery
Telefono: +61 (434) 045-566
Website: www.halvorsenfreya42.com
Paese: Australia
City: Sydney
Address: PO Box 30 Enmore NSW 2042
Reference Number: YACHTS257407
Titolo: Halvorsen Freya 42
: 1985
: 42 ft
: 12 ft
Condizione: Utilizzato
: Freya 42
: Lister Petter
: Lister Petter 33
Informazioni aggiuntive
Descrizione: We have a unique boat to offer that has a rare prestige, built by Halvorsen’s own Horst Diegnamm in Corten Steel and Stainless Steel. Built for High latitudes, it is the perfect expedition ship for shorthanded crew. It is fast, stable, seakindly and comfortable. Flush decks, 2 x SS deckhouses, and Internal steering station, and a roomy Open plan. This is a one-off vessel, built as one man’s life dream to create the perfect passage maker. It was built to last, and to go anywhere, with plenty of redundancies and comforts, to suit long passages.
Paese: Australia
Città: Sydney
Indirizzo: PO Box 30 Enmore NSW 2042