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$ 45,000
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No Name
Port Charlotte
15 HP, Single, Outboard, Gas/Petrol, Honda

These Endeavour Intercat's are roomy and a lot of boat for the money. Look at the possibilities and let the imagination take over. This Cat has great space for it's size and is extremely economical to operate.  Let the fun begin as most Cats are out of reach (price wise) for most.

Vessel had new standing rigging installed Summer 2018.

The vessel sits very shallow in the water at 2'10\" and with a beam of only 14'4\" will fit into most Marina slips. There are two keels that will touch bottom before the hull and allow entrance to shallow area's that most sailboats would not try.

The economical 15 hp. Honda outboard can be worked on anywhere in the world should something go wrong with the motor.  Also, once the motor gets old, just put a new one on without breaking the bank.

Please give a shout if you would like to see this nice little vessel,  it may just be perfect for what you are seeking to do.  My direct number is below.

Please see photo gallery with many pic's, Descriptions/specifications depending on what website you are on and the walk through video. All is a \"Must See!\" to get a feel for the boat!

         Things to Consider

* Lot of boat for the money.

* New 2018: Standing rigging.

* New 2018: Anchor light.

* New 2018: VHF antenna.

* Very shallow draft to explore shallower area's.

* Acceptable beam for most Marina's.

* Very economical to operate.

* Fun factor!

* Lots of room.

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