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Yachtseller.net Terms conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.
The internet platform www.yachtseller.net  provides online services for marine,
yacht, boat industry Yachtseller.net the user has to be registered member

About Service
1- Yachtseller.net online sale and purchase services sale and purchase of
yachts & boats equipments and other marine products
2- Yachtseller.net only provides the infrastructure which enables its Members ,
Clients to get into contact, registering your vessels,yachts
and equipments with Yachtseller.net is free of charge,listing on a no brokers and
yacht owners commission.
3- The execution of the transactions shall be the exclusive responsibility
of the members involved. Yachtseller.net shall not warrant that the transactions
entered into between members can orderly executed.
Yachtseller.net shall also not act in any mediating or arbitrating way in
case of disputes between members.
4- If not declared in a special agreement the contractual relationships
between members and Yachtseller.net shall be governed only by the terms and
Yacht & Boat sale and purchase products

1- Registration on Yachtseller.net for the purpose to sell products or inquire for products is fee.

2- All parties offering products on Yachtseller.net have to registered members.
The seller of a product is responsible for the data posted.
Yachtseller.net can not guarantee that the information on the website is correct.


Registration, Disclaimer

1- Yachtseller.net is not responsible for the information posted by its members.

2- Each Member agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information and
data with respect to the registration on Yachtseller.net and any transaction concluded
on this platform and shall maintain and promptly update such information.

3- If a representative undertakes registration on behalf of a user,
Yachtseller.net is entitled to require evidence of proper authorization.

4- Registration becomes valid when the customer has made an online declaration to the effect
that he accepts these standard Terms and Conditions and agrees to their application.

5- Each Member acknowledges and agrees that Yachtseller.net may refuse to accept an application
for membership and may terminate or suspend a membership at any time without giving the reasons.
Yachtseller.net will also remove and delete any content within the internet platform for any legitimate reason.

6- The Member may terminate his membership at any time. The duty to pay a commission for deals
made on Yachtseller.net remains unaffected by the termination of the user.


1- Yachtseller.net cannot guarantee the actual existence of a person named in the declaration of
intent transmitted or received by Yachtseller.net as a party making or accepting the offer. Accordingly,
there will always be some doubt about the true originator of a declaration of intend.
For this reason, the user making or accepting an offer is acting at his own risk with respect to
the existence of the contractual partner.

2- Yachtseller.net shall not be liable for the creditworthiness of its Members and does not give any
warranty on the Members' ability to fulfill their contractual obligations. Yachtseller.net shall not be
liable for the quality of goods and services offered by its Members and for any loss or damage incurred
as a result of a transaction.


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